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Why are we asking you to support Airesis?

The volunteers working on this project spend a considerable amount of time in order to bring a useful software for our communities. However, volunteering and hard work alone are not sufficient: money is needed to maintain the server publicly available and the software updated and experiment with the new features and improvements we are developing. In addition to this, paid work is required for server maintenance and user help desk.

Odaberite što želite podržati

Airesis allow you to donate for a single feature. The development group has dozens of ideas to improve the software, however funds are required to implement them

Today you can donate to realize a specific feature, or to suggest new ideas you are willing to donate for.

Go to the donations page and see what we would like to realize with your help!

Kako donirati

The Association for Social Promotion named Tecnologie Democratichez was created in order to support the development of Airesis and allow the project sustenance. Your donation will be entirely addressed to the development and hosting of the platform. Financially support us in order to pay an experienced senior programmer and for the maintenance of the server hosting our application:

With a donation using Paypal:

Contact us for more information.

Help us spread the word about this e-democracy tool

Our project needs to be known by all those who care about the future of our democracy. Help us spread it in blogs and forums, on Facebook, on social networks and wherever there is a desire for democracy.

You can use our link or our banner on your site or in friends', associations' or organizations' ones that share the goals of the project. In order to display the banner or link on your website, copy the code found below and insert it in the code page of your site, at the point where you want it to be displayed:


Helpus 2

160x600 - Wide skyscraper

Helpus 3

468x60 - Full Banner

Helpus 1

160x160 - Square

Text link

If you choose to publish your banner it will be of great help to the project. Thank you.

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