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Airesis je otvoren za sve

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Airesis is a project based upon a free and open-source software. You can contribute to its development:

  • Using the platform and doing bug-checking
  • Giving comments and suggestions about usability and platform UI
  • Programming the platform UI (REQUIRED: knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript)
  • Programming the platform server-side (REQUIRED: knowledge of Ruby and/or C++ language, or will to learn it with the help of other volunteers)
  • Supporting us with a donation or raising founds
  • Spreading the word about the project and managing its communication

To help us coordinate our activities we use these tools. You can start from here:

Kako možete pridonijeti

Anyone can help in the open-source project Airesis: you do not need to be a programmer, since there are a lot of activities to do anyway. In the project we are all unpaid volunteers, sharing the will to help citizens organize transparently and participate in the making of a top notch democracy.

To report your availability please fill this form, or contact Nicola Giulietti - - cell. 380 2931955 in case of doubts or you want more information.

Here is a list of volunteers that we need:


The developer is the person who actually writes the code of Airesis.
He follows the specifications and guidelines agreed upon by the team. The developer will write new modules in Ruby when there will be new features to be added, or HTML pages, using also CSS and Javascript in case of UI functionalities.
New applicants will be helped and guided by the head programmer in their first steps to easily start their jobs.


He is the conjunction ring between users and the development team.
He collects feedbacks from groups and citizens and gives the development team all the required documentations to develop new functionalities or improve existing ones.
He elaborates algorithms, as well as pros and cons of each feature, and its possible impropriate uses.

First-level tester

The first-level tester is a person available to test the system without necessarily have to provide any technical feedback about the code. The first level tester is required to know about how to run the system and be able to use an internet browser or social networking system but it is not required to know any programming language.
Feedback from a first-level tester will then be about unexpected occurrences from the system and bugs.

Second-level tester

Good knowledge of programming is required to become a second-level tester. He is asked to perform more stringent and detailed tests than the first-level tester. A second-level tester works on complex issues and is able to push the whole system under stress, to discover hidden problems.

Grafički dizajner

The graphic designer draws the user interfaces and gives their drafts to the development group. He improves the usability and comprehensiveness of the texts in the software (eg: user guides...)


He is in charge of looking for new volunteers willing to help in this project, testers, as well as groups available to use the software for their needs. He engages groups of people that are not represented by the development group (women, people with low informatic skills, etc...) so that the software can be attractive even and foremost to them, basing on their feedbacks.

Menadžer komunikacije

He manages press contacts, promotes the software looking for new users, technical aspects such as linkback and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), viral marketing (eg. creating interesting proposals), videos and informative documentation. He updates social networks and media, represent the external referent-spokesman.


He is in charge of the software translation. He contacts and coordinates foreign translators.
(P.S.: it is not required to posses any programming skill)

Help us spread the word about this e-democracy tool

Our project needs to be known by all those who care about the future of our democracy. Help us spread it in blogs and forums, on Facebook, on social networks and wherever there is a desire for democracy.

You can use our link or our banner on your site or in friends', associations' or organizations' ones that share the goals of the project. In order to display the banner or link on your website, copy the code found below and insert it in the code page of your site, at the point where you want it to be displayed:


Helpus 2

160x600 - Wide skyscraper

Helpus 3

468x60 - Full Banner

Helpus 1

160x160 - Square

Text link

If you choose to publish your banner it will be of great help to the project. Thank you.

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