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  • Bristol Co-operative Gym

    Bristol Co-operative Gym

    Discussion and decision making for members of the Bristol Co-operative Gym



    Welcome to Artists' Mutual Aid. The group has been set up by Stephen Pritchard in the hope of creating networks of local, regional and nationally connected groups that can offer artists and arts workers support and safe spaces to organise and share ideas. The idea is that we become networks of unincorporated workers' cooperatives. Beyond that, this is a place where we all can contribute equally to what happens next...

  • Black Rose Labour

    Black Rose Labour

    Black Rose is a social and organising space for the Labour Party's libertarian socialists, as well as a campaign group that aims to democratise the party and push its policy platform in a socialist direction. In the wake of an additional five years of hard-right government, we want to promote and organise extra-parliamentary and non-electoral work among the membership. Our strength will come not from Parliament or from a leader above, but from our collective endeavour.

  • Dignity platform

    Dignity platform

    Purpose of this group

    To test out Airesis. To see if it's potentially useful as a MVP for our Supporter Voice feature. 
    lso to see if it's suitable to help the IO Collective to decide which venue to hold the next IO retreat at.

  • Beginners group

    Beginners group

    Just playing around with this.
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