Airesis - The Social Network for E-Democracy

The Social Network for E-Democracy

A place to report problems, propose solutions, discuss alternatives, to summarize shared decision. A powerful tool to enhance collective intelligence.

The Social Network for E-Democracy.

Airesis is a free software platform, built by a team of Italian developers and contributors, to enable communities and groups to organize themselves in a productive manner according to the principles of direct democracy and participation.

Build your group

If you are an association, a company, a school or a party, Airesis is certanly appropriate for you!
Create in just a few minutes your group and try out all the available tools.
Creating a group is free, quick and easy and 1626 groups are already active.
Please read our documents on policy to find out how to organize it better and discover how easy it is to organize your group with Airesis and provide e-democracy tools!

Organize participants

A powerful mechanism for handling roles and permissions will allow you to give your group the shape you prefer: you may have users with more or less permissions depeding on their role, hierarchically organize the participants or provide everyone equal rights and duties.
This is the reason why Airesis is perfectly suited to the needs of a Company , as well as a Democratic Movement or an Association .

Organize your events, increase participation

A complete system for scheduling events allows you to better organize the activities of your group.
The participants will be notified of upcoming events and will be able to synchronize their calendar with the calendar of the group.
Each participant can then specify whether to participate or not, allowing organizers to better manage the event.

Propose and deliberate

The heart of Airesis are the proposals: you will have several templates using which you can engage people in the group and hear their opinion.
You can debate on individual topics, build an agenda in a shared way or vote for candidates in a democratic way.
The  Proposals tool of Airesis is now the most sophisticated and complete mass deliberative system available online!
At this very moment 18082 users are discussing 5093 proposals.

A shared documents archive

Your group will have a very useful and complete Documents Archive that can be arranged in folders and subfolders to make available to all participants all the necessary material.
The ease of use of the Documents Archive of Airesis is unmatched: you can upload files to the server simply dragging them to the browser from your computer.
Just a few seconds and the upload will be complete! Ask our team how to increase the storage space at your disposal and upload up to 1GB of documents.

A space to discuss

The best ideas come from the dialogue: that's why Airesis decided to provide a forum for each group where users can exchange ideas, suggestions or simply chat freely.
The forum provided is both complete and modern, fully configurable and expandable by the group to be organized according to their needs. You can have public discussions, visible to everyone, and private discussions, reserved to the participants of the group. Organize the forums into sections and create groups of moderators! It's all in your hands!
At the moment there are already 2225 active discussions in Airesis!

Much, much more

The features of Airesis are not only these!
Watch our introduction page to discover the dozens of tools and options available for your group.
Discover the myriad of features that will help you manage the group and will allow you to organize it to best: if you have a need, certainly Airesis will allow you to satisfy it!


  • Quae optima sunt, esse communia.

    (Le idee migliori sono proprietà comune.)

    Lucio Anneo Seneca
  • The tragedy of modern democracies is that they have not yet succeeded in effecting democracy.

    Jacques Maritain
  • Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.

    Victor Hugo
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